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There is no doubt that if you have no presence on the Internet, you do not exist. But it’s not a question of just being but getting the most of that presence. I offer you my digital marketing consultancy services and my experience in managing online campaigns to sell more and grow your business. Together, we’ll transform the Internet into your own customer-making machine.

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Digital Marketing Consultancy

Google Adwords

Online advertising

Email marketing

Social Media

Digital Marketing Consultancy

I perform a comprehensive analysis of your business and your presence on the Internet and I propose a strategy and an action plan to achieve your goals: get more traffic to your website, sell more or be known by a larger audience.

What does my integral consultancy include?

  • An audit of your website and suggestions for improvement so that you achieve your business objectives
  • SEO audit and recommendations to be among the top positions in Google Search pages
  • A strategic marketing plan that includes tactics and campaigns for each phase of the sales funnel.
  • Recommendation of the messages that will make an impression on your target audience
  • Analysis of your presence in social media and impact of your activity

How will your business benefit from your investment?

  • Your website will cease being just a product showcase and will become a customer-generating machine
  • You will be in the top positions of Google in organic searches (those you don’t have to pay for)
  • You will attract more qualified traffic to your website, the kind of traffic that converts into customers
  • You will know how to use social media to attract more potential customers, communicate your differential value and retain your current customers

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Google Adwords

Did you know that more than one million searches happen on Google every month? It is not surprising then that Google Adwords is the preferred online advertising platform for most advertisers.

What will you achieve with a Google Adwords campaign?

  • Appear above your competitors in search engine results
  • Increase traffic to your website with visits from potential customers, not just window shoppers
  • Your ideal customers will find you right when they are ready to buy
  • Achieve remarkable results without large investments
  • Make your brand known by a wider audience
Gestiono campañas de publicidad en buscadores con Google Adwords

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Online Advertising

Every day, more than 30 million people in Spain visit the Internet, and 19 million of them do so on social media. You cannot afford to stay outside. I manage your online presence with banners and ads in the Google partner network, in portals related to your product or service and in the main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

What are the benefits of online advertising?

  • Reach your ideal customers and only them, without wasting a euro on people who will never buy
  • Significantly increase quality traffic to your web page
  • Maintain or renew the interest in your product or service with retargeting campaigns
  • Make your brand known far beyond your followers or community of current customers
  • Have real time access to your campaigns performance, the impact of your messages and change them based on the results

Your competitors are being found now. Are you?

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is the direct marketing technique considered as the most effective, with a return 40 times higher than the investment. It is therefore a strategy that should be part of any digital marketing plan. I help you get more email addresses from qualified contacts, and transform them into customers with captivating emails.

What will you get from an email marketing campaign?

  • An automated process to capture more email addresses
  • A database segmented by type of customer, interest, purchase history and other criteria
  • Retain your customers, capture new ones and improve your brand image
  • Reduce the number of unsubscribes from your contact list
  • Improve the way you interact with your customers through Permission Marketing

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Social Media

Did you know that more than 19 million people in Spain are in social networks and 83% of them use these platforms to follow a brand? In fact, those brands that are present on social media are the ones that inspire more confidence to users.

With these data, it is clear that being on social networks has become a must in the communication strategy of the brand. It is in these platforms where your customers want to interact with you, one on one, in equal conditions.

With my help you will:

  • Identify the social networks where you must be present. Because your target audience and their needs are different, your strategy on each platform must be different toop
  • Establish a more direct and close relationship with your target audience
  • Show yourself closer, more human, more accessible to your audience
  • Create an additional way to tell your story and share your valuable content
  • Know your audience better, their preferences and needs, which will help you refine your message

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