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Get more visibility and reach your customers faster, wherever they are

If you are in charge of the international sales in your company, I’m sure some of these situations are familiar to you:

  1. You rely exclusively on your sales team
  2. You feel that “cold calling” is not enough to have your message delivered to all those customers that are looking for products like yours
  3. You know that Internet can help you reach your potential customers but you don’t know how to do it

It’s time to take action! With my help, the right strategy and some international marketing tactics, your sales will grow and your visibility will increase in your target markets. How do I do it?

  • I help you to be found by your international customers with advertising campaigns in search engines, display or Shopping with Google Ads
  • I analyze your web page and recommend improvements that will help you achieve your business goals (more calls, completed forms, downloads, sales, etc.)
  • I manage your online advertising in social media and sites and blogs that your potential customers are visiting everyday
  • I identify the industry events you should be at and coordinate all the aspects of your participation (logistics, content and promotion)
  • I put you in contact with the press and media that will give you greater visibility in each market (publication of press releases, events, etc.)
  • I write content for your blog and your email marketing campaigns

Do you need help to boost your international sales?

Ask me how I can help you in your international adventure